Meet The Attorneys – Scott Murphy

Meet The Attorneys – Scott Murphy

Meet Scott Murphy, an experienced legal counsellor, General Counsel, claims manager, legal department manager, risk and underwriting specialist and local/regional or national litigation attorney in areas of practice including construction defect litigation, class action litigation, employment/FCA and labor litigation, financial lines and FDCPA litigation, general liability cases, hotel/motel/resort litigation, equipment and products liability litigation, combustion/detonation/deflagration/explosion and fire cases including clothing fire cases, premises liability litigation, professional liability litigation, recreational and amusement park litigation as well as sophisticated insurance/self-insurance/JIFF program disputes.

James Scott Murphy

A Wealth of Experience

With active licenses in California and New Jersey and with extensive litigation experiences across the nation, Scott is well-equipped to represent individuals and businesses involved in serious litigation in either state or federal courts. Having significant experience with claims, third party administrators, insurance and reinsurance programs, run-off insurance, vertical and horizontal coverage disputes, litigation defense in most GL and PL and FL types of cases, claims and legal department/law firm audits, independent investigations for employers and both in-house and outside panel counsel matters, Scott brings a unique blend of litigation and insurance or risk industry experience to bear for the benefit of his clients providing successful litigation results while managing litigation and loss adjustment expenses and maintaining programs or policy renewals.

Scott’s diverse background includes working as an insurance carrier adjuster, TPA/broker adjuster, insurance company executive, in-house insurance company attorney, General Counsel for various businesses across the country and as panel approved outside defense or coverage/program counsel. Whether your business or personal interests are involved, or you are an insurer, reinsurer, TPA, broker, captive, defendant, JIFF or self-insured, Scott can help you obtain stellar legal results, reduce your exposures and loss ratios/premiums and better manage your legal spend and legal operations.

Read his bio or find him on LinkedIn to see the broad categories of litigation and litigation management areas in which Scott may be of assistance to you.

Scott Brings A Holistic Global Perspective

Having lived and worked in states such as California, New Jersey, Florida, Maryland, Vermont, and Hawaii, as well as spending time working in London, Scott has gained valuable insights into local/regional/national legal nuances, litigation and risk management, insurance and loss control programs and policies, lawyer and legal department supervision and training, and overall best practices. He remains involved with his schools – Johns Hopkins University and Pepperdine School of Law – as well as with various professional associations, including CLM, IADC, FDCC, PLUS, NJDA, and multiple state bar associations.

Scott’s areas of practice cover a wide range of businesses, industries, products, services, employers and institutions including premises owners/operators, hotels and motels, retail stores, private security companies, restaurants and bars, schools and boards of education, shopping malls, sports and recreational facilities, sports coaches and volunteers, employers (including LAD and whistleblower claims), consumer products and clothing manufacturers, factories and operational explosions and burn cases, industrial and commercial equipment manufacturers, licensed professionals, hospital professional liability and transportation/trucking and maritime cases. If you have a litigated matter or business operation requiring legal services in these areas, please reach out to discuss with Scott Murphy.

The Value of Connecting and Building Relationships

What sets Scott apart is his ability to develop and maintain personal relationships with clients, defendants, insureds, insurers, underwriters, program administrators, third party claims professionals and others in addition to successfully managing litigation risks and programs. He routinely fosters high satisfaction levels resulting in repeat assignments and for insurers renewals of programs and policies. As a general rule clients and their operational and management personnel, HR managers, general counsels, TPA/brokers and insurers recommend Scott for assignments from management tasks and forms, auditing, litigation/claim or risk management, coverage or litigation representation.

If you are tired of lawyers who seem to just be going through the motions or running up the bill – more concerned about their billable hour than your litigation results or LAE, please give Scott Murphy a chance to show you that not all lawyers or law firms are the same. Quality panel approved attorneys are out there – you just have to look.


If you’re looking for high-end litigation representation or avoidance representation without the exorbitant fees of large law firms, Scott Murphy is your attorney of choice. He combines the roles of an Advisor/Counselor and Litigator/Advocate seamlessly, ensuring that his clients receive comprehensive legal support, budgeting and reporting from start to finish. With Scott on your side, you can navigate the complexities of the legal landscape with confidence and peace of mind.

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