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Meet The Attorneys – Francis X. Garrity

We are thrilled to introduce Francis Garrity, a highly accomplished Principal Lawyer at our esteemed firm in Roseland, New Jersey. With an impressive academic background and decades of experience, Mr. Garrity has become a trusted advisor in the field of insurance law, leaving a lasting impact through landmark cases in State and Federal Courts. Francis graduated magna cum laude from Seton Hall University and Rutgers University School of Law, laying the foundation for a successful legal career. Admitted to the New Jersey Bar in 1973, he served as a Law Secretary to Honorable Morton I. Greenberg the following year before entering...

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Meet The Attorneys – Frank Hari Reimers

We are excited to introduce Mr. Reimers, a highly accomplished attorney with an illustrious career in insurance defense litigation. Graduating magna cum laude from Boston College and Rutgers University Law School, Mr. Reimers has been a prominent figure in the legal field for many years. He was admitted to the New Jersey Bar in 1973 and served as a Law Secretary to the Honorable William O. Consodine. Mr. Reimers entered private practice in 1973 and has since dedicated his professional career to insurance defense litigation. He is experienced in handling trial and appellate cases in both the Superior Court and Federal...

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Claims of Unintentional and Intentional Conduct – Deny Coverage or Defend Upon Reservation of Rights?


What options are available to an insurer faced with overlapping allegations of intentional and negligent conduct?  Certainly it is not a new issue as attorneys representing injured parties have long attempted to plead in such fashion as to trigger coverage.  But, notwithstanding existing precedents, insurer responses to such cases are frequently not consistent with their obligations under the insurance contract and open insurers to claims of bad faith and attorneys’ fees. More than thirty (30) years ago the New Jersey Supreme Court decided the case of Voorhees v. Preferred Mut. Ins. Co., 128 N.J. 165 (1992).  There, the Court addressed an...

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