Premises: Owner and Business Operators Liability – Including Dram Shop and Private Security

Since 1971 the attorneys of Garrity, Graham, Murphy, Garofalo & Flinn have been representing commercial, industrial, retail, entertainment, sporting and hospitality owners/operators nationwide, including significant trial work in California, New Jersey and New York.  In addition, we also represent residential and investment property and homeowners in injury cases.

We are generally retained directly by self-insured or captive insured business owners/operators, General Counsels, third party claims administrators or risk managers, as well as by casualty claims professionals or underwriters directly involved with programs of insurance/defense involving premises liability. We have routinely represented defendants ranging from small single property owners/operators to the largest of national and international business/property owners.  By way of example, have represented residential home owners, apartment/condominium/townhome owners or Homeowner Associations, industrial and commercial properties/businesses, corporate offices including cafeteria operators, fast food restaurants, loading/unloading truck and container operations, maritime yards and ports, supermarkets, shopping malls, banks, bars and restaurants, retail operations, social clubs, strip clubs, music venues and bands, fraternities and sororities, warehouse operations, construction sites, bridges, scaffolding operations, department stores, gas stations, motels, hotels, resorts, golf and tennis clubs, sports venues, sports facilities, gun ranges, equestrian facilities, skating facilities, boating yards and rental operations, sail or motor craft accidents, watercraft rental operations, ATV or other recreational craft operators, scooter/motorcycle/segway rental operators, ski and snowmobile lodges and facilities, ski manufacturers and instructors, private security companies (armed or unarmed security), extra duty police officers, water parks, theme parks, amusement parks, and carnival operators involving incidents that happen in New Jersey or worldwide but involving New Jersey residents.

We have worked for and been panel approved by most domestic and many international underwriters handling property/casualty and hospitality related exposures and comply with all Guidelines and billing/reporting practices.

As a result of our extensive trial and civil litigation experience, employment practices and insurance coverage expertise, we are also routinely retained to provide risk management, insurance program and policy planning and litigation avoidance advice and counsel.  Whether the matter involves a single owned/operated business,  landlord/tenant liability exposure, regional/national or international business/property location, including those with franchisees/franchisors, we can help you manage your risks and litigation, reduce loss ratios and keep premiums reasonable.

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Premises Liability and Security

Experience in:
  • Apartment And Condo Operations
  • Bar Or Restaurant Operations
  • Gym And Health Club Operations
  • Homeowner Association Operations
  • Commercial Property Operations
  • Sports And Entertainment Business Operations
  • Hotel/Motel And Resort Security
  • Commercial And Industrial Security
  • Construction And Industrial Operations Security
  • Trucking And Transportation Related Security
  • Retail Store Or Shopping Mall Security
  • Sports And Entertainment Venue Security Litigation
  • Armed And Unarmed Security Cases