Litigation and Operational Risk Management

Since 1971 the attorneys at Garrity Graham Murphy Garofalo and Flinn have worked as in-house claims professionals, third party claims administrators, in-house defense counsels, outside panel defense counsels, outside insurance coverage counsel, outside specialty panel counsel, outside General Counsels, underwriters and policy/program draftsmen, local trial defense counsels, regional trial defense counsel and national coordinating counsel. The aggregate of these experiences makes us uniquely qualified to provide advice, counsel and guidance in enterprise risk management, event risk management, product line risk management, operational risk management, human resource management, financial and contractual risk transfers, complex/multi-party construction or business projects and overall litigation avoidance.

Whether you are a local or large multi-jurisdictional business – we can join your Team and guide your agents, administrators, brokers, employees, insurers, departments, directors, lawyers and underwriters to establish and maintain a business operation that minimizes risk and exposures, maximizes compliant internal processes/procedures and forms to comply with the ever more complex regulations/laws affecting business and professionals, and reduces your premium expenditures.

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