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Alternate Dispute Resolution and Mediation

Mediation, Private Trials, Arbitrations & Other Early Resolution Options Offered Nationwide
Modern litigation, claim or dispute processes create uncertainty, result in difficult to manage loss adjustment or litigation defense expenses, place the parties at the whim of an over-burdened judicial system that often sacrifices fairness or legal principals in favor of docket movement, prevents accurate business and insurance or reinsurance assessment or reserving, and often leaves counsel at odds with their clients. There must be a better way!

In civil tort or commercial liability litigation, parties are often left with few beneficial early or fair resolution options. Despite the complexity or unique nature of your case, you are often left with short in-court settlement conferences with Judges who have hundred of cases on their dockets and only minutes to try and get the plaintiff to take less and the defendants to pay more – rarely having the luxury of reading and understanding the details of your case and providing alternatives. At best, they might assign you to a court registry of local attorneys who have volunteered their time or agreed to handle several hours for free or virtually no compensation – resulting in a lack of seriousness by the parties/mediator and being nothing more than an expensive shuttling of unreasonable offers and demands. The other alternative is to use one of the two or three large professional mediation and arbitration groups where they will impose upon you their rigid procedural requirements and accruing extensive administrative and resolution expenses often costing $400 to $600 per hour with minimums or guarantees. But there must be a better way!

In insurance coverage disputes, or reinsurance contract or treaty disputes, the situation is even worse. Most Judges have limited coverage expertise, other than an understanding that increased loss adjustment expenses can be used to press settlements grounded on business rather than coverage positions – often without truly considering the proper interpretation of insurance contracts. Of course, some Courts also send coverage cases to Court sponsored mediation with attorneys or retired Judges with limited backgrounds – in most cases you will be assigned to a plaintiff or defense litigation attorney who occasionally drafted or presented a coverage opinion. However, there is a world of difference between a litigation attorney who dabbles in coverage and an attorney who has spent decades exclusively handling coverage matters involving various forms of domestic and international policy and endorsement forms. There just has to be a better way!

Well – there is a better way. We offer litigants an opportunity to engage a neutral mediator with extensive litigation experience on both the plaintiff and defendant sides of civil disputes who will read all of your materials, provide insights and assistance based upon prior trial experience, work with each counsel and their clients, and reach a resolution leaving the parties and counsel with a positive feeling towards the process and their representation. Whether your case involves professional liability, E & O, D & O, product liability, complex construction liability, employment liability, HPL or pharmaceutical or medical device, financial or commercial matters, media or IP matters, family law disputes, estate disputes, trucking or transportation cases, or blue or brown water maritime matters, our mediators will give your case undivided and objective consideration at the reasonable rate of $300 per hour without administrative charges or fees.

If your matter involves a primary, excess or reinsurance dispute, among carriers or layers of carriers/SIR’s -- or between a carrier and an insured, we provide dedicated, full-time coverage mediators – not just liability litigators willing to be all things to all persons and call themselves coverage mediators. With mediators intricately familiar with most domestic and international policy and endorsement forms and variations – within most specialty and program underwriting, we can provide you with the best format to define and consider your positions and resolve disputes. Do not settle for a retired litigation Judge or local general attorney – when experienced coverage specialists are available. There is a better way!

In addition, Mediation is not your only option. If you would prefer an arbitration or non jury trial decision – without multiple randomly set sessions drawn out over several weeks or months with a panel – with unbelievable and rigid administrative requirements imposed by large professional income generating mediation/arbitration organizations – we can offer efficient dedicated days/weeks of hearing convenient to witnesses and clients – resulting in a detailed written legal and factual opinion upon which to fairly resolve your dispute. Don’t be pressured into Court ordered or contractually stated forums – get your parties together and select a private forum/mediator at the reduced rate of $300 per hour. There is a better way!

Please give us a call and see how we can help you customize a mediation, arbitration or private trial for your unique and important matter. Get the resolution your case deserves while saving your client time and money and resulting in a conclusion which leaves your client wanting to use your services again in the future. Matters can be handled in our New Jersey or New York offices – or we will travel to states from California to Maine or use facilities at institutions from Pepperdine University School of Law or Johns Hopkins University.


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